Farra di Soligo

Via Patrioti - 31010 Farra di Soligo
Tel.: +39 0438 901515 

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Founded by the Lombards in the 6th century AD, Farra was known for its “villas and rules from beyond the Piave” and it has always been a farming town. In the 13th century, the entire area – including Col San Martino and Soligo – fell under the rule of Treviso, before subsequently coming under the control of the Republic of Venice. Numerous Venetian nobles decided to move their summer residences to Farra. Among them were the Caragiani family, who were the first owners of the Palladian-style villa in San Giorgio, and the Bavello family, who had a large holiday home with its own chapel in the early 18th century. The Oratory of San Vigilio in the village of Col San Martino is a little gem with a white bell tower that stands tall over the surrounding valley. The simple post-Carolingian structure originally had no apse or bell tower. It was extended and decorated with superb frescos in the 15th century and the apse and bell tower were built in the following century.

The Towers of Credazzo are the last remnants of fortifications that were built by the Da Camino family. Documents show that they have existed since at least 1233. Around a century later, the Medieval fortalice came into the hands of the Collalto family. They held onto it until it was destroyed by the Hungarians in the 15th century, after which it fell into ruin. The three towers are different sizes and they are joined together by a wall. There are a large number of paths linking Farra to the surrounding villages through the chestnut and birch woods of Mount Moncade. Other trails wind their way across the plain, stretching towards the South in the palù wetlands.




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