Via Martiri della Liberta' - 31051 Follina
Tel.: +39 0438 9733 

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Follina is a little village at the foot of the Belluno Prealps where you can find a stunning piedmont landscape and perfectly preserved historical buildings. A big part in its history was played by the founding of the Benedictine Abbey of Santa Maria: a place steeped in silence where time stands still and a profound sense of peace still prevails.

The 14th century Romano-Gothic church is home to a small grey stone sculpture dedicated to the Blessed Virgin of Follina, which was already a well-established object of veneration by the year 1000 AD. The cloister is truly breathtaking. The twin spiral columns are adorned with an array of decorations and each capital is different from the next. The overall effect creates a graceful sense of movement.

In the 12th century, Cistercians took over the formerly Benedictine abbey and began woollen cloth-making activities that have had a lasting impact on the village. When you stroll through the streets, you can still admire countless historical buildings that took shape to cater to the needs of the manufacturing processes. Some of the most significant ones include Palazzo Barberis-Rusca, Palazzo Bernardi, Palazzo Tandura and the former Andretta woollen mill, which is a notable example of 19th century industrial architecture. Modern history lovers should not miss out on a trip to the Austro-Hungarian cemetery whose origins lie in the Austrian occupation of the valley in November 1917. More than 800 soldiers were buried there.





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