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Via Mont, 3 - 31049 Valdobbiadene - Valdobbiadene (TV)
Tel.: +39 0423 975770 - +39 349 527 3005 
Riferimento: Tanore' Az. Agricola SS

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The Follador family have been cultivating vines and making wine since the early 20th century. Judging by their name, it seems that they were destined to do so: “Follador” stems from “follatura”, which is the Italian term for the technique of punching down grapes.

The story
The Follador family cultivates the vineyards and produces wine since the twentieth century.
The owners Renato and Sergio absorbed with enthusiasm the store of knowledge and tradition in the wine-growing and producing field left by their father Gaetano. The inheritance was left by their father Gaetano to his sons. Gaetano dealed with the making of the winery in the most noble and high portion of Cartizze area.
The company bears the father Gaetano name and to him is dedicated. This man was almost like a mythological figure in the Cartizze area, because of his powerful and strong build and good nature. For this reason he was renamed TANO RE’ (King Tano).
The limited production allows the company to follow meticulously the whole production cycle, from the vineyard to the winery. Renato and Sergio are the owners of 10 hectares in Valdobbiadene, all cultivated only by hand. The perfect and harmonious fusion between technique and enological vocation of the ground, unique for compound and climatic conditions, repays men for their hard work and expresses itself in high quality sparkling wines.

The Brut Valdobbiadene has fine beading and a complex flavour. The Extra Dry Valdobbiadene is fragrant and racy, with fruity notes, citrus scents and the odd floral hint. Like a genuine Cru, the Millesimato Valdobbiadene comes from a selection of the finest plots of land. Finally, the Cartizze is the jewel in the crown of King Tano’s little winery, with subtle sweet and sour pairings creeping into the rounded flavour.

The company owns all of the vineyards, which lie between the initial slopes of the Dolomites to the North and the Prealps and the Piave River to the South. The colours of the surrounding hills are breathtaking all year round. The vivacious blossoms of the spring are followed by the warm, breezy summer, the joyful harvest of the mild autumn and finally the mellow, sleepy winter, which paves the way for another effervescent spring for our joy-filled wines.

Max visitors number: 40
Number of seats: 30
Languages: Italian, English, French and German


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    • Winery
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    • Accessible to disabled people
    • Pets allowed
    • Tasting sessions
    • Sparkling wine production equipment
    • Parking space
    • Store
    • Vineyards next to the property
    • Visit to the vineyard
    • Wi-Fi
  3. Languages

    • French
    • English
    • German

Opening Hours

Morning Afternoon
Monday 9:00-12:30 14:30-18:00
Tuesday 9:00-12:30 14:30-18:00
Wednsday 9:00-12:30 14:30-18:00
Thursday 9:00-12:30 14:30-18:00
Friday 9:00-12:30 14:30-18:00
Saturday 9:00-12:30 14:30-18:00
Sunday chiuso/closed/geschlossen chiuso/closed/geschlossen




Iniziativa finanziata dal Programma di sviluppo rurale per il Veneto 2014-2020
Organismo responsabile dell'informazione: Consorzio Pro Loco del Valdobbiadenese
Autorità di gestione: Regione del Veneto - Direzione AdG FEASR Parchi e Foreste


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