Via G. Matteotti - 31050 Miane
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Miane is a little village with Roman origins. It is located near the border with Belluno in the northern part of the province and its landscape has all sorts of attractions. Hills of various sizes are spread among the numerous valleys and plateaus where the main signs of human habitation appeared over the years: cottages, barns, stables and little villages that still have quintessential medieval structures today, with shared ovens, wells and courtyards.

Historical sources show that the bell tower of the ancient parish church of Santa Maria in Miane (which was built between the 8th and 9th centuries AD) was an important 15th century watchtower that was part of a coordinated defensive and monitoring system for the valley. A large number of other religious buildings are dotted throughout the area: the churches of Santo Stefano and Ronch in Combai, the church of Sant’Antonio Abate in Vergoman, the church of the Madonna del Carmine, which nestles among thick pine and beech woods, and the church of San Pietro, which was the first archpriest’s church in Miane and was mentioned for the first time in the records of the Abbey of Follina in 1310. The latter suffered serious damage during the First World War because it was first used as a cinema for soldiers and then turned into a stable. Finally, there is the church of San Michele Arcangelo in Serra (which is surrounded by a delightful landscape full of vineyards and was used as long ago as the 14th century as a place for harvest prayers and rites) and the church of Sant’Andrea in Campea, which has ancient origins. The Gera-Minucci family were behind the current construction, which dates back to the 18th century.




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