Casa Dolce Casa

  • Wi-Fi
  • Parking space

Via Arcol, 33/A - 31049 Valdobbiadene - Valdobbiadene (TV)
Tel.: +39 342 194 5654 

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Casa Dolce Casa ”as the name implies, is an inhabited house, with two free rooms available for anyone to find themselves without a location to spend the night. It should also be remembered that the bathroom will be in common and therefore there will be spaces to be respected with the timing of others.
The two bedrooms offer two bedrooms, one single and one double, with wifi, heating, towels and views of the town of Valdobbiadene!
The location is strategic because close to the center, (1km) reachable on foot, moreover it is about an hour away from Treviso, Conegliano. Just over an hour from the beautiful Venice, and less than half an hour from the Asolo hills!
In short, if you are a tourist exploring new places, Valdobbiadene with its hills will certainly give you what you were looking for.

Opening period: All year round
Capacity of the structure: 2 rooms (3 +1 total beds); 
Prices: min € 30,00 - max € 80,00
Languages: Italian, English and Spanish


  1. Typology

    • Tourist accommodation
  2. Features

    • Parking space
    • Wi-Fi
  3. Languages

    • English
    • Spanish




Iniziativa finanziata dal Programma di sviluppo rurale per il Veneto 2014-2020
Organismo responsabile dell'informazione: Consorzio Pro Loco del Valdobbiadenese
Autorità di gestione: Regione del Veneto - Direzione AdG FEASR Parchi e Foreste


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